Set against a beautiful backdrop of the Andean Mountains, Argentina's famed wine region Mendoza, is the hottest new wine destination for those seeking to indulge in the pleasures of the red varietal "Malbec". But is that all that Mendoza has to offer? Read below to see why else you need to Visit Mendoza and discover the preserved secrets of its viticulture and wine tastings. 

1.  WINE WINE WINE.. Yes the Malbec is the most beloved grape that thrives in the Sun Drenched Desert of Mendoza, however the lesser known secret grape "Torrontes"  is the hottest thing to arrive from Argentina since the Tango. Often known as the deceiving grape it is floral, aromatic with a tart finish and it is Delicious! Mendoza also produces Bonarda and is a famous region for the Cabernet Franc grape. Need we say more, Mendoza is best tackled with a wine glass in hand..

2. Excellent Food..Nothing goes better hand in hand with a good glass of wine than a quality meal. Rapidly growing into a popular South American Foodie destination, the province offers tantalizing meals from the kitchens of world famous chefs like Francis Mallmann. From Picadas to 9 course meals even vegetarians can seek hedonism in this steak loving province. 

3. Olives!! Olivo!! Olio!! Yes Mendoza is beyond just grapes. The desert climate is an incubator for the new found vegetation to this area. Unlike vino and the intricate process it requires to go from farm to bottle, olive oil can be processed within a couple of hours! Several wineries are branching out to offer olive tastings, and produce beautiful blends from freshly harvested olives.

4. Sports! No we are not talking about the world class standards of Argentinian football..Travelers have been flying from continents to continents just to arrive to the South American Summit native to Mendoza, Aconcagua, but the province now offers a different thrill for adventurers. In the summer the rafting rivers are filled with snow melt and thrill seekers can enjoy rafting activities among other activities like horse riding, zip lining, trekking, fishing, or paragliding and not to forget golf! In the winter, the snow capped mountains and slopes with the beautiful ski resorts are an attraction for cross country skiers. 

5. History -  The oasis in the desert, Mendoza was home to the Incas who built the irrigation system which is now a remarkable factor in this wine producing region and its wine heritage. Also, The flag raised by Argentine Hero Jose De San Martin who led his army across the Andes to emancipate Chile from Spanish colonization also lays in Mendoza. 

6. Staying Among the Vines - Mendoza has several lavish resorts and estancias in wineries that display a beautiful backdrop of the Andes, and offer world class luxury and gastronomy. Sip a glass of wine, enjoy the views of the Andes and the serenity of the country while you are turned off from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

7. Wine Inspired Spa & Relaxation - If you think sipping wine is fun, wait until you try a wine spa treatment. Indulge in the red grape body wrap which is said to have polyphenols that are said to cleanse and erase radicals from the skin. 

8. The Vistas! A canvas for Artists and photographers, there is nothing in Mendoza not worth capturing. Surrounded with ample breathtaking scenery and views of rivers, mountains, hot springs, flora and fauna, Mendoza is sure to be a treat for your eyes!

9. Cooking - Empanadas, Casseroles, Grilled Meats, Pizzas, Pastas and so much more! With fresh & organic ingredients, learn to prepare several traditional Argentine dishes at famous restaurants and wineries that offer culinary classes. 

10. Fiesta Nacional De La Vendimia - Although an event that arrives only Once a Year in early March,  Vendimia the Grape Harvest Festival is a sensory overload of all fun things in one place at one time. Lots of Wine, Parades, Gauchos, Food, Music and so much More! What more reason do you need to visit??



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