Malbec is a wine that in the past decade seems to have appeared out of nowhere and become a must have for every wine enthusiast’s collection. A crowd favorite and smooth to sip on, with tons of fruit and juicy flavors and easy on the nose, we can’t imagine or go back to the time to when it actually didn’t exist. But how recent of a discovery actually is this “new” wine?

This secret blending grape was actually born in France as Mal Bouche (French for being Bad Mouth) back in the 1800’s. While it was being used as a blend for the popular French Bordeaux, this grape had tremendous potential to be the fine Malbec that we know today as. But as it goes, the Mal Bouche was untamable. The region of Cahors made one of the very first Malbec’s but its vulnerability to the climate did not do well with the French vintners who very easily lost their harvest due to disease and rot. The underestimated grape was planted less and less until it was only merely just a blending grape.

In the 19th century, Argentine wine makers were in the pursuit to find grapes that they could plant to improve the quality of their wine and consulted with a wise Frenchman by the name Michael Pouget who is known to have destined the future of this beloved grape called Malbec. He suggested to plant Malbec crop’s in Argentina specifically in Mendoza. This was a game changer as Mendoza's hot climate and desert terrain along with the high altitude helped the grape to thrive which made it shine and rise to glory. Many believe that this is when Malbec was finally brought to its promised land, and finally where it belonged all along.

A Century after it was transported across the seven seas Malbec was a polpular locally consumed wine and not much was heard of it outside of Argentina. As the wine advanced in its homeland the crops were doubled and tripled. And then when a financial crisis stroke the world in the early 2000s, economies flailed all over, the Bordeaux’s and Pinot Noirs of Europe were suddenly becoming unaffordable and this delectable grape shone in the spotlight. The Malbec has finally arrived!

Its popularity spread like a bush fire into every American home and dinner table. It was debuted by the people, not the connoisseurs and it was affordable and delicious! The ease of drinking and its androgynous personality that goes with or without food is what makes it a crowd pleaser..