• Calle Los Platanos
  • Mendoza
  • Argentina

Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia, Mendoza's Harvest Festival commemorates the effort and work of Mendoza's winemakers, viticulture and wine industry professional. Festivities include, ten nights of shows, ceremonies and visits and events at Mendoza's wineries and vineyards. The main scheduled events are the following:

  • February 25 (Sunday): "Blessing of the Fruits". Ceremony where God is thanked for the healthy fruits obtained from the harvest. The new wine is offered which symbolizes the man who tills the land, under the invocation of the Virgin of the Carrodilla and the blessing of the new fruit.
  • March 2 (Friday): "Vía Blanca de las Reinas". Parade of illuminated allegorical cars that transport the queens (beauty contest) both outgoing and aspiring to the national stage.
  • 3 March (Saturday): "Carousel of the Harvest". In the morning the carriages parade escorted by gaucho groups with traditional costumes, mounted on horseback, standing out the traditional cart pulled by oxen.
  • 3 March (Saturday): "Central Act". A show where folk dances are performed with more than a thousand dancers on stage, artistic performances, light and sound plays. The election and coronation of the national harvest queen takes place. It ends with a fireworks show launched from the "Cerro de la Gloria".
  • 4 March (Sunday): "Second Night". The artistic show of the Central Act is repeated but without the election of the national queen of the vintage year. Live performances by nationally and internationally recognized artists are presented.
  • 5 March (Monday): "Third Night". Repetition of the Central Act with live performances by more renowned artists.
  • March 6 (Tuesday): "Fourth Night". Repetition of the Central Act with live performances by more renowned artists. Final Act.

The Central Act takes place in the majestic Frank Romero Day Greek Theater, which is located at the foothills of Cerro de la Gloria, in the General San Martín Park. It is one of the largest outdoor popular parties in the world. An allegorical theatrical work with a staging of thousands of artists that include set designers, designers, dancers, actors and musicians.

Tip: If at the end of February 2018 you are traveling through Mendoza, the wine capital of Argentina, do not hesitate to attend this unique celebration. Although due to its great popularity it is advisable to book the accommodation well in advance. A visit to the Cerro de la Gloria, which pays tribute to General San Martin and the Army of the Andes, who were the architects of the independence of Argentina, Chile and Peru, can not miss either.