An Oenophiles guide to Mendoza's wine regions

Somewhere in between the new world and old world wine, grapes arrived to Argentina sometime in the 1500's. However, we are accustomed to classifying Argentina as a new world producer as the wine's have only very recently appeared in the world markets. Before the year 2002 Argentinian wines barely crested the bottom of the shelves, but now the narrative has changed and Argentina is known to produce some top quality reds and whites. Steeped into wine tradition, Mendoza is Argentina's most prominent viticultural area, it is divided into three distinct wine regions Lujan De Cuyo, Valle De Uco & Maipu. With over 1400 wineries spread across the three regions, discover Mendoza's wineries with this simple guide below.


Lujan De Cuyo

Known as the land of the iconic Malbec of Argentina, Lujan de Cuyo houses some of Mendoza's most famous names. The bold, intense wines of Lujan are full or personality and boast diverse terroirs beyond Malbec and into different grape varietals. Situated on the banks of Mendoza River, the vineyards of Lujan are fed by the melted water from the Andes consistently creating wines brimming of character and soul. 


Valle De Uco 

One of Mendoza's premier terroirs, Valle De Uco or Uco Valley is home to some of top wine producers of Argentina. It's high altitude location at the foothills of the Andes with vines sitting at 3600 ft (1100m) benefit from the elevation gifting it all the elements of producing some of the most balanced wines. The spectacular views and state-of-the-art wineries has Uco Valley dubbed as the Napa Valley of Argentina.



Maipu, the oldest and most historic wine region of Mendoza lies just a stone throw away from the city. Often underestimated but always outperforming, the region boasts history and sophistication and consistently delivers great value wines. The winery is home to Mendoza's most famous and serves those that are looking for more than wine. Museum and history fanatics as well as Olive Oil aficionados can find delight in this part of Mendoza.